How Babbel Can Benefit Universities and NGOs

Forming connections and encouraging self-development are at the heart of what we do at Babbel — which is why we work so well alongside institutions that do exactly the same thing…

Universities and NGOs have a lot in common. Not only do they give back to the wider community, but they push their own community — students, volunteers, employees — to be the very best versions of themselves. To attend university is to learn about the world around you, to form connections and push the limits of personal development, and the same applies to NGOs. At their core, charitable organizations make the world a better place — and there’s no purer way of doing so than by learning a new language, building cultural bridges, and forming priceless human connections. 

We’re more than a little proud to work alongside NGOs such as Unicef, Doctors Without Borders, and the Federal Agency for Technical Relief (THW), as well as some of Europe’s most prestigious universities including ESMT, WHU, and SHMS. In this article we take a closer look at how Babbel’s offer can benefit the kinds of organizations that make the world shine a little brighter…

Key benefits of learning a new language for universities and NGOs

There’s no degree or field of expertise that doesn’t benefit from language learning. A recent study by the American Council on the Teaching of Foreign Languages shows that language learning correlates with higher academic achievement among university students and is beneficial to the development of students’ reading abilities. Language learning also forms transferable skills, meaning it’s easier for a student to learn a third or fourth language. There are many cognitive benefits, too — the study shows that a new language helps improve memory and concentration among students and increases their ability to solve problems. As a result, learning a new language will help build a bright and promising future for your students.

These benefits extend to NGOs, too. People who work at charitable organizations often work across borders in challenging and politically volatile parts of the world. As a result, being able to speak a variety of languages is vital to forming strong and trusting relationships, and ensuring your team is always well-equipped to handle unexpected situations. 

Student learning a new language with Babbel – Babbel for Universities

Why Babbel?

We apply multifaceted learning techniques to work with universities to complement and support their classroom lessons. With a Babbel membership, students can learn grammar and vocabulary in their own time and revise and practice speaking during classroom lessons. We tried and tested this method at Babbel and asked a portion of employees to complete a Babbel unit each week. The group would then meet every other Tuesday and would put what they learned into practice with relaxed and low-pressure conversations. The teacher who introduced the concept found that she learned from the experience too, and was able to guide her students through problem areas that she wouldn’t have identified otherwise. It was also a great bonding experience for the students who were able to get to know each other through a new language and build confidence at the same time. 

The Swiss Hotel Management School has implemented this blended learning approach and has incorporated Babbel into its language program, creating a seamless experience between online and offline learning. The combination makes language learning very effective as the students benefit from the best of both worlds. Another example is our work with ESMT. This international business school uses Babbel to encourage their English students to learn German, which helps them integrate into everyday life in Germany and improve their job prospects post-graduation. 

Organizations that do not offer classroom lessons, can take advantage of our blended learning offer with face-to-face video lessons that give learners space to practice speaking and ask questions — all guided by a professional teacher. This offer reflects in our products Babbel Live with group video classes and Babbel Intensive with single video classes.

NGOs can also benefit from semi-formal or formal learning. One example comes from our friends at the Federal Agency for Technical Relief (THW). This NGO is formed of 80,000 volunteers who assist in civil and catastrophe protection for people both in Germany and abroad. As a result, language learning is crucial to the success of THW missions — and that’s where Babbel comes in. We’ve provided the volunteer force of THW with full access to Babbel, meaning they can learn flexibly and at their own pace. And, because Babbel is available offline, the team can continue their language-learning journey when in WiFi-free areas or while traveling between disaster zones. 

THW using Babbel to learn languages- NGO case study

Another example is Doctors Without Borders, an NGO that has successfully incorporated Babbel into the Spanish branch of the organization, who sends employees on missions all over the world. Their team has access to Babbel lessons to as well as to online live lessons with a teacher to provide a holistic and effective language-learning experience. Nothing makes us happier than being able to support these worthy causes and share the benefits of Babbel with NGOs and learning institutions. 

Further benefits of language learning with Babbel

Babbel for Business offers a wide variety of courses including industry-specific content. For example, there are several Business English courses designed to help students excel in the language used in the fields of journalism, PR, banking, hospitality, management, and more. Our Babbel memberships are flexible, which means you can transfer access from one student or employee to another, giving new recruits instant access to desktop and mobile Babbel lessons so they can fit our 15-minute courses into their busy schedule from day one. Your students, employees, or volunteers can take the app along on their travels, meaning their language learning will never skip a beat. And, with an agreed flat-rate according to your needs, Babbel is as cost-effective as it is flexible. 

We love the fact that through language we can support all kinds of NGOs and learning institutions — because it means that we can help you make the world a better place.

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