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Are you curious to know how Babbel can benefit companies in the pharmaceutical sector? The industry currently plays a critical role in the global climate, which is why it's well suited to a digital learning offering.

Especially in these times, pharmaceutical companies are in the focus of our attention: They carry the responsibility of providing to our healthcare system; at the same time their business finds itself confronted with national budget cuts and new international competition.

Babbel works with several pharmaceutical companies to offer digital language learning solutions. LETI Pharma, a Spanish manufacturer, uses Babbel to prepare sales representatives for exhibitions and trade shows. Riemser Pharma, a German skincare company, uses Babbel as a tool to help German employees communicate with international team members in English and incentivize non-German employees to learn German. Babbel also works with Bial Pharma from Spain and Novanta from the USA to enhance employee communication skills and improve international relations. 

How can pharmaceutical companies profit from digital language courses?

Many pharma companies hire talent from all around the world according to their education and experience rather than location. This means workforces are international and multilingual, making language learning essential to avoid miscommunication among colleagues and ensure smooth communication, collaboration, and overall productivity in the company. Moreover, companies in the pharma industry largely work with global companies and clients. Therefore, equipping employees with the right language skills to communicate effectively and confidently is crucial to building relationships, leading negotiations, and securing business opportunities. This makes language courses essential for pharma companies.

However, the pharma industry is exposed to a variety of financial pressures, resulting in possible budget cuts in all areas of the companies, including employee training. In Europe, 60 to 70 percent of the healthcare system is publicly funded. Therefore, this industry is especially affected by the drive to save costs in government budgets. Moreover, the sector is experiencing growing innovation costs. At the same time, companies are facing increasing competition from “pharmerging markets”, such as China and India, adding pressure to keep prices for medication low.

Furthermore, because of Covid-19, both the price of active ingredients and the logistical costs of production have risen. Not only that, but German pharmaceutical exports depend on the UK, so the uncertainty of Brexit has also had an impact on cost thresholds. 

However, investing in innovation and education remains a top priority, even in times of crisis. Providing employee training opportunities is essential for pharmaceutical companies. On the one hand, companies need to ensure employees have the right skills to compete in a tempestuous climate. This is where language learning comes in. Seamless communication skills will help maintain strong international relations. Especially training up the Business English skills of pharmaceutical teams can prevent expensive miscommunications and strengthen negotiation skills.

On the other hand, development opportunities play an important role in motivating and retaining talent. Offering further education makes employees feel valued, satisfied with their jobs, and more likely to stay with their employer. This in return increases employee performance and efficiency. 

In order for companies to be able to keep providing further education, training solutions need to be cost-effective and enable the training budget to be independent from external factors. This is why innovative learning resources such as Babbel are in high demand. Not only is Babbel more cost-effective than traditional classroom-based training, it also offers an integrated solution that adapts to the needs of a diverse workforce, offering access to different languages and entry levels. 

In an industry as fast-moving and reactive as the pharma sector, finding time for long-term education can be a challenge. Still, pharmaceutical companies assign 46% more time and financial resources to further education than other industries, with learners tending to favor intensive courses rather than casual training. Therefore, courses must be concise and effectively teach new skills in a short period of time. This is where online training with short but effective lessons is easier to fit into busy work schedules than traditional in-person language classes. Digital classes enable learners to learn where and when suits them best, without interfering with work tasks or requiring employees to take time off to learn, therefore providing more flexibility overall.

Besides that, all areas of the pharmaceutical sector are becoming more digital. Many pharma companies are turning to digital solutions when it comes to employee training, as integrating digital learning options is essential to keep pace with the changing dynamics of the workplace. This is where Babbel can help pharma-industry teams transition into digital learning experiences and improve employee technological literacy. Babbel’s online language learning platform is user-friendly and offers a variety of learning opportunities. Thus learners can use the Babbel app combined with 1:1 video lessons with professional teachers, and profit from both methods.

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Why is Babbel the right fit for pharmaceutical companies?

Over the years, the Babbel for Business team has worked with many pharmaceutical companies, learned from them, and gained valuable insights into the field. Based on this experience, our language experts have created a new pharmaceutical course including a variety of lessons that will train your employees to gain exactly the language competencies needed in your field.

The lessons prepare learners for real-life conversations. Besides, the 15-minute lessons fit into busy schedules and can be completed in a lunch break or on the way to or from work. 

With increasingly international workforces, pharmaceutical companies need a digital offering with multiple languages available. Babbel has 14 learning languages and various display languages to choose from, with multiple levels to start at. 

Depending on the specific goals of each company, Babbel for Business offers different subscriptions, from Babbel Professional that enables employees to get started via the language learning platform, Babbel Live that combines the online lessons on the platform with group video lessons to the fast-track Babbel Intensive that offers 1:1 video lessons.

Babbel Live as well as Babbel Intensive follow the blended learning approach in combining online lessons with 1:1 or group video lessons with professional teachers, making language learning even more effective. This will help employees get speaking fast and gain confidence, which is invaluable in an industry that has strong international growth opportunities and is dependent on exports from other nations. 

The pharmaceutical industry is home to professionals who are truly top of their game. Offering Babbel as a corporate benefit or as an intensive training opportunity can help retain and motivate talent. And, with an academic workforce, employees are likely to be attuned to further education and will happily reap the benefits of Babbel. 

Babbel subscriptions are cost-efficient and flexible, as seats are easily transferable from one employee to another. Learner progression can be easily tracked with weekly or monthly usage reports and a user-friendly admin portal.

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