Assess Your Company’s Language Learning Needs In 3 Easy Steps

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Assess Your Company’s Language Learning  Needs In 3 Easy Steps -unless-

Here at Babbel, years of experience crafting language courses have taught us that the end is always the best place to start. From a learning perspective, that means determining what you want to get out of it before launching your team into a learning program. But when you’re taking the needs of an entire organization into consideration, this can be easier said than done. 

There are a few key steps involved in effectively assessing what your company needs from a language learning solution. To help you get started with determining what will work best for you, we’ve broken these steps down here. 

The best way to create your plan is by asking the right questions to the right people, in this case, management or whoever will lead your team on their language learning journey. We recommend setting up a brainstorming session to go over each step and consider these important questions. 

Step 1. Logistics: Determine “Who?” and “When?”

First things first: which members of your team will participate in your language learning program? Will the opportunity be made available to all employees or just a select group? This information is vital for determining which learning strategy will be best for your team of learners. 

Next, you’ll need to determine when the language learning will take place. Is there a specific timeframe for the completion of your course or courses, or will they be made available for users to learn at their own pace? Knowing this will help you streamline your budget planning and make product selection a much more straightforward.

Accessing the language learning needs of your company

Step 2. Content: Decide “What?” and “Why?”

Now that you know who will be learning languages and what your timeline will look like (if you have one), it’s time to decide on the content you’d like users to engage with and the appropriate level of language training intensity. To help you make these choices, ask your team leader why your organization has decided to offer language learning in the first place — is it to help new employees integrate, to strengthen international business relations, or to launch your company in a new territory? Maybe it’s all three! Why your team will be learning goes hand-in-hand with how intense your program will need to be and what content they’ll want to work with. 

The good news: Every one of Babbel’s Business products offer access to all of our content (over 52,000 lessons!). Our B2B team can help you decide which one suits your needs best. 


Step 3. Accessibility: Decide “Where?” and “How?”

Finally, deciding where and how your team will be engaging with content will help you determine what type of learning solution you’ll need. Does on-the-fly app usage fit best for your users, or will regular in-person lessons make more sense? If it’s flexibility you’re after,we’ve got you covered, with plenty of solutions to fit various needs. 

Download the Ultimate Guide to Language Learning
And if you’d like further support in identifying your company’s language learning needs, click here to download our The Ultimate Guide To Language Learning In Your Company, which includes a detailed management & employee survey that will help guide you in the right direction.


Cassondra Dolan, Language Specialist

Cassondra is a writer, translator and language enthusiast with a passion for exploring the ways culture influences learning. Through her work with Babbel, she aims to promote language learning best practices that focus on inclusivity and diversity.

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