5 Ways Your Company Will Benefit From Language Learning

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If your company is hiring international employees and expanding to new markets, language learning is essential for your success. Smooth communication without language barriers makes a huge difference. Here are five ways your company can benefit from language learning:

1. Grow your client list

If you want to grow your client list, being able to communicate with potential clients is key. Knowing their native language makes it easier to negotiate and secure a sale. That makes doing business quicker, more efficient, and more successful. 

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2. Empower your employees

Language proficiency is likely to make employees feel more confident when they communicate with partners, clients, or within teams. Armed with this confidence, they can then perform better and are more successful at their jobs.

3. Increase productivity

Language proficiency means spending less time on translations or solving problems caused by miscommunication. Instead, you gain valuable time and increase overall productivity.

4. Gain your clients' trust

Knowing your clients’ language makes you feel less like a stranger and more like you’re one of them. This may earn you more trust, since knowing a language indicates that you also understand their cultural norms and values. As a company, this improves your reputation as an international business.

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 5. Raise employee retention

As your clients become more international, it’s likely that your company will hire employees from all over the world. Offering international employees the chance to learn your company’s primary language (e.g. English) helps them work more efficiently in a team and feel more engaged at work. Also learning the local language (e.g. German) can be of value, since it gives them the chance to integrate into local society, which can make them happier and lead to higher employee retention.

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