Banking Meets Blended Learning

A Step-by-Step Guide for Language Learning in the Financial Sector

At Babbel for Business, we know how important and profitable language learning is for the finance sector. Especially in times of crisis, clear communication, multilingualism, and digital solutions are more and more important. In our new ebook, we outline our insights from working with more than 1000 companies and explain step by step how our language learning courses developed for the finance sector can be integrated.

  • Time in the workday is especially valuable, which is why we guarantee efficiency: We focus on goal-oriented and work-related learning. Our online language courses consist of 15-minute lessons that build on each other and can be easily integrated into day-to-day work.
  • We rely on the successful blended learning method where the advantages of digital learning in a team are combined with individual online lessons for the optimal learning effect. That’s how you can bring your team to the next level.
  • Banks and companies in the finance sector face many challenges related to communication in multinational teams. With our ebook, we help you overcome these challenges with language learning, and we demonstrate your return on investment.

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